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How Userfeed helps Yaguara track bugs to improve their customer experience

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Who is Yaguara?

Yaguara is the growth management platform for eCommerce companies moving from a reactive to a proactive strategy. Using real-time data that matters most and AI for smart recommendations, Yaguara ties actionable tasks to high-level company goals, allowing for delivery of timely, predictive insights to teams at the individual level. 

  • Founded: 2017
  • Employees: 9
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Funding: +$1mm
  • Boomtown Accelerator Alumnus '17
  • Follow them on Twitter: @YaguaraApp

Yaguara's challenge

Feedback & bug tracking getting lost in spreadsheets and kanban boards

The Yaguara team has always focused on providing a great customer experience. However, tracking requests has always been a time-consuming challenge. They already use several collaboration tools so feedback would get put into a number of different places (Slack, email, notebook, Trello, Google Sheets, etc.). If you have it in a bunch of different places, you really have nothing, because you have no single source of truth. Additionally, when feedback was tracked in something like Trello, no user data was captured. Feedback would simply be a title and description of a feature or bug. No indication of who requested it, how many others requested it, what revenue was associated with it, or a link to the actual conversation to better understand the why.

"In the past we used Kanban boards like Trello to keep track of bugs, but it was super manual, especially if we wanted to link conversation or user data to a bug." - JD Crabtree, Director of Growth and Product Marketing

How Userfeed has solved these problems

As a heavy user of Intercom, most of their customer conversations are happening through that channel, especially around feature requests or bugs. They knew that they needed three things to help the enhance their customer experience:

  1. A simple way to track feature requests and bugs from conversations in Intercom (including the Intercom users that gave it) to a a central source of truth without letting any data fall through the cracks on the handoff
  2. The ability to link user stories and Intercom conversations (the context) back to a particular feature request or bug
  3. A system to track bugs, their status, and an easy way to notify users when things were resolved
Yaguara uses Userfeed to improve the customer experience

Tracking feedback directly within Intercom

Having to jump around to different tools and boards to submit bug requests is as bad for users as it for your team. If a user reports a bug or makes a feature request in an Intercom conversation, Yaguara would ask the user to submit that same feedback somewhere else, or they would submit it on the user's behalf in a different tool (Trello) with no reference back to the original conversation.

With Userfeed, Yaguara can now submit a bugs and requests on a user's behalf directly within a conversation. Additionally, they can keep track of which users are experiencing the issue and which conversations are related. 😍😍Not only does this help them resolve issues faster, but the bug card that Userfeed sends to the end user enables Yagaura to provide a better customer experience during a time when a user is having an issue.

Search your current requests and submit feedback on behalf of a user in an Intercom convo

Closing the loop with users to enhance the customer experience

Logging feedback is great, but it's equally as important to relay updates about the status of a given request to the users that care about it. So often, this is where the ball gets dropped, resulting in:

  • A poor experience for the user ("I guess they don't care about me...")
  • Missed opportunities for increasing product usage
  • Missed opportunities for more feedback
  • Missed opportunities to win a deal, save a deal that was otherwise lost, win back a churned customer, or decrease the odds that a customer will churn

A lot is on the line here 😳

Yaguara manages the status of features and bugs directly in Userfeed. Any change in status notifies the admin in any related Intercom conversations, letting them decide if and how to inform the user or ask for more input.

Notifications in the Intercom convo (only visible to Admin)

When a request gets completed, Yaguara is one click away from messaging (via Intercom) every user that was interested in the request. Their customers are happier, they get more feedback, and they can be confident that users are in the loop as their feedback is heard.

Experiencing similar challenges? Try Userfeed for free ❤️(no credit card)

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