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Our list of top Intercom apps & how they can help you grow your business 🥇

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We'll cover Intercom apps specific to the Messenger experience, apps that are 100% built on Intercom, and other interesting integrations.

When you think of SaaS platforms you typically think of Salesforce, Shopify, and Atlassian. Thousands of companies have built integrations or entire products on top of those platforms. However, there's a new trend emerging in the platform space: Messaging apps. Companies are building integrations on top of both internal (ie. Slack, Microsoft teams) and external (ie. Intercom apps, Zendesk, Hubspot) messaging products because it's where people work and engage with customers. One of the more interesting new entrants to the platform space is Intercom.

I'm slightly biased. Our product, Userfeed, is built 100% on top of Intercom's platform. But I'm not the only one. 600+ companies are building Intercom apps and integrations on the platform including Stripe, Mailchimp, and Typeform. Even investors are talking about it:

Intercom is an interesting platform to integrate with because:

  1. It's likely where a company's user/customer data sits (data)
  2. It's where companies are talking to your customers and potential customers (engagement)

If you're an Intercom customer there are already a number of tools that can help you to add value to a platform your team is already heavily invested in. In this post I wanted to highlight some of the tools we use or have tested that we've seen a lot of value in. We'll cover apps specific to the Intercom Messenger experience, Intercom apps that are 100% built on Intercom, and other interesting integrations.

Intercom apps for Messenger 💬

Daily.co: Start a video/screenshare call within an Intercom conversation. You can also record your meetings. We love using this for demo's and user interviews. Once recorded we add the link to corresponding feedback in Userfeed. Oh, and it's totally free!

Sorryapp: Gives us a simple way to share the status of our app and services

Chameleon: Build interactive product tours using Intercom segments and tags, for user onboarding, feature launches and conversion funnels. Also let users search for and start interactive tutorials from within Intercom Messenger, to learn interactively and deflect support tickets.

Aircall: Start a call directly within an Intercom conversation to discuss things better suited for a phone call.

Confrere: Another awesome product for in-browser video calls with leads. Again, sometimes it's easier to engage via video rather than live chat.

Upscope: Instant co-browsing within a conversation. This is super useful when you want to replicate a bug on the customer's side of things, or when you want to quickly show a user how to do something.

PactSafe: Besides having a brilliant product team, PactSafe gives you the ability to share and get acceptance on contracts within an Intercom conversation. #Chattosign

PactSafe + Intercom

Pinpoint: Show open positions and capture applications directly in Intercom Messenger.

iorad: Create and publish product walkthroughs to messenger in minutes.

Shopitag: Let customers buy directly from within the chat.

Apps built 100% on Intercom 💯

Userfeed: Capture feedback within Intercom conversations. Empower your users to give feedback on your roadmap or a curated list of features within the Intercom Messenger. Close the loop with customers through custom Intercom segments. Push user feedback engagement data to Intercom as attributes.

Statbot: Analytics and trends for almost anything that is exposed via Intercom's API.

Other powerful integrations 🔗

Bonjoro: One of my favorite Intercom integrations! Bonjoro makes it super simple to send a quick personal video message to your users. We trigger a Bonjoro video to-do for every new user that signs in for the first time. Whenever I get time (ie walking down the street) I send personalize 50-10 second videos to new users using their mobile app, welcoming them to Userfeed and offering support for any questions or feedback they might have (here's an example of one I sent). Get Some free credits here.

To-do video's for Bonjoro

Slack: chat with users through Slack.

Fullstory/Logrocket: Both tools are great for understanding how your users are experiencing your product (DVR for user sessions). The Intercom Integration allows you to jump straight to the last session a user had after they experienced an issue. This enables your support and engineering teams the ability to quickly replicate the issue.


Hubspot/Salesforce/Pipedrive: Pushing contacts to your CRM and vice versa. Must have. We use Hubspot, and the free plan is working well for us.

Teamgate: Another CRM integration except they pull in Intercom convos too. This is important because it allows you to see all company touch points for a given company or contact. For example: if you you just sent an email to the user via Intercom, it's probably not a good idea for the sales rep to send them another email via gmail.

Spinify: Live leaderboards for teams using Intercom.

Salesmachine: Brings all your customer data together in one place, helping you understand customer health, lifecycle stages and deploy customer success strategies to reduce churn and increase upsell. Automatically collects Intercom users/companies data and built key success metrics to assess the health of your customers: health score, lifecycle stage, license utilization, feature usage trend, etc.


Insycle: Need to analyze users or leads data? with drag-and-drop select any attribute(s) to group by and get instant stats. This is really interesting for companies with large user data sets.

Sherlock: Product engagement scores of users, based on your Segment data. With the Intercom integration, you can push user engagement data into Intercom as attributes which enables more relevant messaging.


Workato/Tray.io/Stamplay: Connect your internal apps and automate your work.

Driftrock: Leverage your Intercom data for high performing Facebook, Google & LinkedIn ads.

Veamly: Veamly processes the inbound Intercom messages and contextualizes it based on what’s important to you.

Meya.ai: Add a bot to your support team to answer FAQs.

Landingi: Grow your Intercom customer base using landing pages.

Leadsbridge: Push leads from Facebook Ads to Intercom. Create behavioral audiences from your Intercom database

Privy: Exit Intent popups and forms for Intercom.

Toky: Automatically log calls and texts in Intercom.


Justcall: Integrate your phone calls with Intercom.

Median: Immediately view your customer's browser window to understand their issue from their point of view.

Promoter.io: Capture insights by sending user scores and comments to Intercom.

ChargeDesk: Manage your customer payments through Intercom. Make a payment, request a payment, or refund a customer inside Intercom using their Chrome extension.

Stitch/Blendo: Push Intercom customer data directly to your data warehouse.

Datahero: Visualize Intercom data alongside your other other cloud apps.

What else? What are some other Intercom apps that have been valuable to your teams?

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