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Intercom templates: segment product tours based on feedback

Intercom Templates 1 min read

We've recently been experimenting with Intercom's new Product Tours as a way to showcase different aspects of Userfeed. When we ship something that we want to highlight, we segment product tours based on feedback. This gives us two tours: one for users who requested the feature and another for all other users.

Why segment product tours?

By targeting these groups separately, we can customize tours to be specific to each audience. Most users will go down the general path, which shows a simple tour explaining the feature. Users that specifically requested the feature, though, will get a different tour. In this version, we explicitly acknowledge their feedback, making our message more personal.

Okay, but how?

Product Tours offer the same Intercom targeting capabilities you know and love. To accomplish customized tours, we lean on the tag filter.

Since we use Userfeed to track feedback (obviously 😉), each request automatically has a unique Intercom tag associated with it. So here's what we do:

  1. Create a product tour for the general case, targeting users with this filter: tag is not [the Intercom tag associated with this request in Userfeed]
  2. Duplicate the tour, customize any content, and update the filter: tag is [the Intercom tag associated with this request in Userfeed]

And just like that, we've got two tours with feedback-based segmentation!

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