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Product Updates: January to March πŸ·πŸ’¬

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Messaging, labels, Jira integration, Slack Zap, new feedback UI & more

Messaging πŸ’¬

Messaging is a core component of generating useful feedback. It's not enough to gather votes, NPS or responses. You need to ask questions in a conversational format. This is why Intercom is such a great place to capture feedback.

You can already click to go to a user's profile in Intercom to message them. Taking this one step further, you can now message users directly within Userfeed. But here's the kicker: we send these messages via Intercom behind the scenes. This keeps all of your customer engagement in the one place (Intercom) so you're not duplicating efforts or annoying users with messages about the same thing.

Responding to a user's comment? Send the user a private message to learn more about their needs. You can optionally include your message as a public comment as well, giving other users visibility into your follow-up.

Labels 🏷

The best way to analyze the feedback that you're capturing is to categorize it. We've created a two-layer approach to categorization within Userfeed:

  • Feeds: High-level buckets of feedback. Each post can only have one feed. Think of it as a class of feedback (e.g. "this post is a Feature Request")
  • Labels: More granular categorization describing a post. Each post can have many labels. Think of labels as attributes of feedback. Examples would be types of feature requests, product features, or planned releases (e.g. "this post is a Feature Request about our report generator"

We've also added a labels filter to make it easy to search through your feedback:

This additional layer of categorization will lay the groundwork for more granular reporting and prioritization features in the future!

View & search feedback across all feeds πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ

We've completely redesigned how you view, search, and add feedback within Userfeed. The new Feedback page will save you time and make it easy to see most liked posts across feeds, labels and status.

Product updates for Userfeed

Jira integration πŸ”—

Once you've gathered feedback and prioritized what to work on, you'll want to push it to your development team to start building. Using our Jira integration, you can:

Create a Jira Issue directly from a Userfeed post

Link existing Jira Issues to a Userfeed post

Sync Jira Issue status with Userfeed post status

When all linked Jira Issues are done, we'll mark the post as complete in Userfeed.

Feedback button (for Intercom Messenger) πŸ“£

The newest component of our Intercom messenger app allows you to:

  • Share feedback for your users to browse, like, and comment on. You can curate what posts are shown here based on status (by default we show "under review' posts).
  • Capture new feedback directly from users (with support for file uploads)

Attachments πŸ“Ž

Using our Feedback Button widget in your Intercom Messenger, users can submit new feedback with a file attachment (see above).

Slack Zap ⚑️

Since Userfeed is built 100% on Intercom, you can use Intercom's Zapier app to get notified in Slack when new feedback is created. Use our Zapier template to get started.

What's next?

Here's a quick look at what's coming up:

  • Create a new Intercom conversation for feedback submitted via the feedback widget
  • Send Userfeed feedback in Intercom auto-messages to capture feedback from the right users at the right time in the right place
  • Push feedback activity into Intercom
Product Updates
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