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Product Updates: August to October 📊💬

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When we launched on Product Hunt 5 months ago, we'd only been working on the product for couple months. We wanted to get something out the door to gather feedback and iterate.

Yes, I blocked the curse word. Don't judge. I have a kid now ;)

We were fortunate to bring on users and get some great feedback, giving us plenty to work on these past few months. Here's a quick look at what we've shipped recently:

Feedback dashboard

Userfeed Product updates: Feedback dashboard, Intercom convo app, create leads in Intercom, & vote/comment on roadmap

With the new dashboard, your feedback data is more actionable and shareable. Some highlights:

  • Pick a date range and view top posts and feeds
  • View trends such as total new engaged users, conversations linked, posts created, posts requested, and more
  • View all recent activity including likes, new feedback submissions, and internal/external comments

Learn more about the new dashboard here.

Improved Intercom conversation app (now with search!)

We've added search to the Intercom conversation app, making it easy for admins to find existing feedback when linking conversations. Learn more about this workflow here.

Add Intercom users to feedback directly in Userfeed

Let's say you gathered feedback from a user at a conference or on a phone call. In the past, you had to tag the user within Intercom to link them to feedback. Not anymore! Now you can add users to a post from within Userfeed. If the user doesn't exist in Intercom yet, we'll add them as a lead (you can't actually add leads ad hoc within Intercom, so this is a nice feature in itself).

Learn more about adding users to posts here.

Allow users to vote & comment on your roadmap (in Intercom Messenger)

The roadmap app (within Intercom Messenger) used to be read-only. Now your users can vote or comment on anything you've put in your roadmap. Additionally, you have the controls to:

  • Show the roadmap to users, visitors, or neither
  • Enable voting, commenting, or neither

Learn more about these roadmap controls here.

Merge posts

Similar feedback comes in all the time, and keeping your backlog clean can be tough. Merging posts solves this problem, letting you combine similar requests and keep your feedback organized.

Learn more about merging here.

Get real-time feedback notifications

Getting notified of feedback activity enables you to follow up with users to gather more context about their feedback (i.e. finding out the "why" behind their request). With real-time notifications, you can choose to get emails when a user submits feedback, likes a post, or even when a post's status changes.

Learn more about notification settings here.

What's next?

At Userfeed, our goal is to help teams build the right things. When we started, we focused on making it easy to gather feedback linked to conversation and user data. As we build on that foundation, we're aiming our sights at prioritization...but more on that later.


Product Updates
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