Product update: Build your own feedback strategy with Saved Views

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Our mission has always been to give customer-focused companies the ability to design their own feedback strategy. A one-size-fits-all voting forum just doesn't yield the best results, and they certainly don't offer teams much in terms of flexibility. Today, we're taking another step on this path with the release of Saved Views.

Custom private and public feedback views

With Saved Views, teams can create custom feedback views to share privately or publicly. Some popular use cases we've seen so far include product changelogs, public roadmaps, roadmaps for specific customer segments (e.g. VIP customers, beta testers), and private, project-specific lists for internal collaboration.

Share views via bots and messages as native Intercom app

And like everything else in Userfeed, it will integrate natively with Intercom. With a few clicks, you can send your public views in bots and messages as native Intercom apps, all without any code! 

Designing an effective feedback strategy means being deliberate about customer communication. Curating what is shared, when it's shared, and what channels are used is essential, and we make this possible by hooking into more Intercom components than any other product:

Userfeed integrates with more Intercom products than any feedback app

Saved Views unlock new possibilities here, making it even easier to design a thoughtful, segmented approach to feedback.

How to create Saved Views

To create a Saved View, just head to the Feedback page, apply some filters and click Save as view. Here's an example of a saved view we created to showcase completed feedback: our public changelog

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How to send a Saved View in Intercom

You can share Saved Views as native Intercom apps in:

  • Messenger Home
  • In-app Messages
  • Bots

All you have to do is click Insert app, click Feedback by Userfeed, and pick the view you want to share:

What's next

The introduction of Saved Views is a big step, but there's more to come. We're already working on enabling user engagement with public Saved Views (which are currently read-only), and we have even bigger ideas for more "no-code" features 😉

Stay tuned!

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