Userfeed is officially an Intercom App Partner

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We’re excited to announce that we’re an official launch partner for the new Intercom App Partner Program which is launching today along with the Service Partner Program.

Intercom partner program

Intercom’s platform lets us harness your existing customer conversations, product data, and messaging to build a simple-yet-powerful feedback tool. Here’s a look at what our deep Intercom integration enables our customers to do:

🏡 Collect user feedback within Intercom messenger

Easily embed a roadmap, changelog, and feedback forms into the messenger home view and customize who sees them using display options.

Customer feedback Intercom messenger app

💬 Submit feedback on behalf of users in Intercom conversations

Capture and view feedback where your customer conversations happen: in the Intercom inbox.

Submit feedback from Intercom conversations

🏷 Automatically tag Intercom users that submit feedback

We use Intercom tags to associate users with feedback posts in Userfeed. This makes it really easy to segment users based on the feedback they’ve submitted, and you can even automate this with tag rules.

🤖 Send Userfeed apps via in-app messages and bots

Prompt customers for input on existing feedback by sending an in-app message or triggering a custom bot.

Request customer feedback with a bot

👤 Close the loop with customers using Intercom outbound

Send follow-up messages (email or in-app) to specific user segments based on feedback posts in Userfeed. Need clarification on an idea? Or did you ship something new? Message your users with the Intercom outbound tools you already know and love.

Send emails and in-app messages to customers who provided feedback

🔗 View past feedback directly in Intercom Inbox

Our inbox app gives you full context about past feedback from a user while you’re in a conversation with them. It also enables you to trigger actions in Userfeed right from Intercom – all without switching tabs. 

Check out this article to see a bunch of other ways you can use Userfeed with Intercom.

Need help designing your Intercom strategy?

The new Service Partner Program gives you access to qualified experts to help with everything from optimizing lead generation to improving customer support (👋 we can help). Oh, and don’t forget to consider apps like Userfeed as part of your efforts 😏.

If you’re a service provider, learn more about how the Service Partner Program can help you grow your business and scale your clients’ reach. 

Join the Intercom App Partner program

If you’re a SaaS company interested in building on the Intercom platform, check out the App Partner Program for more details on how you can unlock technical benefits and sales and marketing opportunities.

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