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Intercom templates: pricing page bot πŸ€–πŸ’°

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I'm not a huge fan of pop-ups on the marketing site as they distract the user from the content and messaging you spent all that time and money for them to experience. The one exception to this rule would be the pricing page, because it's the place where visitors most often reach out with questions via Intercom.

Most pricing page pop-ups are annoying, impersonal, and irrelevant to the user.

Look at the page above. A pop-up is covered by another pop-up from Typeform, with two Intercom messages sent at the same time. Yikes πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

All of these messages are annoying, none of them are personal, and none of them help me in discovery. Stop over-marketing just because you have the tools to do it.

There's a better way...

First, collect some data on what questions customers typically ask when they're on the pricing page. We use our own product to collect trends on pricing page questions from our Intercom conversations. For us, visitors were asking two things:

Keeping things simple/clean is always a good strategy, so wherever you can add a simple tooltip, you should try to do that instead of more unprompted messages. We did this with the engaged user question:

For the early stage plan question and other general pricing questions, we built a simple Intercom video bot.

Go to our pricing page and wait 5 seconds to check it out.

Intercom templates: Pricing page video bot

How to build the Intercom video bot

Intercom has an amazing bot builder so it's fairly simple to create something without being technical. Here are the steps if you want to build something similar:

1. Choose your audience

2. Create a personal video

  • Keep it short and simple (has to be under 10 seconds)
  • Use your smartphone or your fancier video equipment
  • Intercom shrinks the dimensions automatically so if it's cutting off part of your face, go crop the frame dimensions on EZGif. You can also optimize the file size here if it's too large.
  • You want this to be personal so keep it casual, like you're chatting with them over coffee 😎
  • To make it more accessible to everyone, add captions. Pro tip: press enter between pauses video, so that the caption isn't one giant paragraph covering your face in the video.

3. Add the video to your initial bot message with paths

  • A path is just a bot flow after the user gives their reply
  • Keep the paths simple and try to stick with 2 or 3
  • Keep the answers as human sounding as possible

4. General pricing question (B. New Path)

5. Early stage plan (C. Path)

6. Yes (D. Path)

7. No (E. Path)

That's it! Pretty easy, right? If you have any questions about setting up something like this, feel free to reach out to us and we're happy to help!

If you'd like to get updates when we post more Intercom templates and use cases like this, drop us your info and we'll keep you in the loop:

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