Intercom Template: Conduct an NPS survey with Custom Bots

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We've had a lot of customers ask us how to conduct a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey using Intercom. While there are dedicated tools for NPS, it's pretty easy to build your own NPS flow using Intercom Custom Bots and Userfeed's tag management system.

In this post, we’ll cover...

  • Prepping Userfeed to capture NPS responses
  • Creating a custom bot to survey users
  • Viewing results in Userfeed
  • How to follow-up with users via Intercom messages
  • Automatically calculating NPS scores via Zapier + Google Sheets (with templates)

What is an NPS survey?

NPS is a method of measuring customer loyalty. It consists of a single question survey that generates a score from -100 to +100, where higher is better. You can read a more in-depth description here.

How to create your NPS survey bot

We are going to build a custom bot that asks users how likely they are to recommend your app to a friend. Once they have chosen a rating between 0 and 10, the bot will allow them to explain why they chose their rating.

NPS Survey bot example GIF

Prep Userfeed to capture survey response

First, create a new private feed in Userfeed called NPS Survey. To that feed, you'll add posts for each of the NPS survey options. Name the first post "NPS 0", the next one "NPS 1", and so on (the naming is important as it will affect the Intercom tag name for each post which we will be using later).

NPS survey results in Userfeed

Create a custom bot in Intercom

Next, create a new bot in Intercom by heading to Operator > Custom Bots. When we’re done, this bot will have 12 paths.

The first path will be the initial prompt, which should read something like:

"On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend our business to a friend or colleague?"

This path will have 11 Reply Buttons, representing the numbers 0-10. Each reply button will correspond to its own path and each path will prompt the user to elaborate on their score. To keep things organized, you'll tag each response with the Intercom tag for the corresponding post in Userfeed.

So you’ll tag the conversation for option 0 with the tag nps-0:userfeed, option 1 with the tag nps-1:userfeed, and so on.

Create a bot for NPS survey

Boom! Now you can set the bot live and start accepting responses.

Review the results!

To review NPS responses, just head to your NPS Survey feed and review the posts and their Related Conversations:

Reviewing NPS survey responses in Userfeed

Following up with users is easy, too. You can message individual users directly in Userfeed, or click View Users in a post's sidebar to message all respondents with a given score. For example, you may want to contact users that give you a low score to dig for more feedback.

Sending a message to NPS response segment

That's it! You’re all set to collect NPS survey responses with your own Custom Bot 🎊

Click here to view a demo

As a bonus, here’s a Google Sheet template and Zapier template that will automatically calculate your NPS score based on the Intercom bot responses.

🔗Use Google Sheets Template
🔗Use Zapier Template

NPS survey
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