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How Informed.co uses Userfeed to build better repricing tools for online sellers

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How Informed.co uses Userfeed to gather product feedback via Intercom. This enables them to build better repricing tools for online sellers

About Informed.co 👋

Informed.co is a price intelligence platform that keeps Amazon, Walmart, and eBay sellers competitive with continuous automated repricing and analytics.

  • Founded in 2007
  • Employees: 31
  • Location: Jersey City, NJ
  • 4000+ online sellers

You can learn more about Informed.co and its features here.

G2 Crowd Review of Informed.co

Informed.co product feedback challenges 😢

1. Spreadsheets were a manual mess

Before Userfeed, Informed.co had been utilizing several other different product feedback management tools to handle feedback from users. They had settled on using Airtable to track user feedback on different tables of data, without oversight, are often incomplete or lack important context. In the case of product feedback, incompleteness and lack of context can be costly.

For Informed.co, managing all incoming requests & product feedback was difficult to sort and analyze. Airtable wasn’t specific enough to manage customer feedback.

2. Incoming requests had no context

When logging product feedback in their spreadsheet, Informed.co included email addresses whenever possible. When they wanted to do user research or communicate a recent update, they'd have to email users one at a time. With little-to-no context, it was tough to prioritize feedback and spot trends. They weren't able to see Intercom's customer data alongside incoming feedback.

3. Internal knowledge sharing was difficult

Informed.co tried sharing their feedback spreadsheet company-wide, but it wasn't cutting it. It could be intimidating to newcomers, or forgotten in the pile of shared documents. Realizing the importance of being close to the customer, Informed.co wanted to do three things:

  • Notify relevant team members and stakeholders of new feedback in real-time
  • Communicate feedback trends across the organization on a monthly basis
  • Manage all different types of feedback in one place within our communication platform that has our customer data linked

Why Userfeed?

Example feature request in Userfeed: Organized view of feature, Intercom users who requested, linked Intercom convos, status, files/links, and internal/external communication about it

Informed.co ditched their spreadsheet, preferring Userfeed's intuitive experience for feedback management. Now they don't have to hop between apps or learn a new workflow. Instead, Userfeed hooks into their existing Intercom workflows.

Valuable feedback stopped slipping through the cracks. All incoming feedback and request are managed by the Product team at the source: Intercom.

"Prior to Userfeed, we were using tools that were not as user-friendly, a lot less automated, and did not integrate with the platform we currently use to communicate with our customer base (Intercom)." - Lauren Petrucelli UX Researcher @ Informed.co

Intercom data powers prioritization

Informed.co now has segments in Intercom for every customer request. When the product team wants to learn more about who their customers are that are proactively reaching out providing all different types of feedback, a single click in Userfeed shows them each segment. From here, they can see product usage, companies, industry, size, and any other attributes they track in Intercom.

The entire organization stays informed

Informed.co's wonderful product team at their HQ

With Userfeed's daily digest and real-time notifications, Informed.co keeps the entire team in the loop. The company stays close to the customer, and planning is easier with everyone on the same page. At a broader level, Userfeed data powers an internal monthly product newsletter. Some of the trends and insights included are as follows:

  • Top customer feedback
  • Features undergoing research
  • Projects in active development
  • Recently released UX improvements
  • Adoption for features released this month
"Not only has Userfeed made it much easier to gather feedback, manage it, and close the loop with customers, but it has been extremely helpful in identifying trends and insights we would have potentially missed in the past."

Results 👍

Userfeed has helped Informed.co rethink their customer research process and drive feedback from 235 new users a month (average)! Now they know who needs what, the context around when and why they need it, and business data about who those customers are. Product planning is faster and more transparent. And when it comes time to build, they're confident about their choices.

Informed.co ditched their spreadsheet in favor of something better. Their feedback is captured and it lives alongside business data. Their entire company is aligned. Now, they can focus on building better repricing tools for online sellers. If you’re interested in learning more about the product we’ve been able to help Informed.co build, you can learn more here.

Experiencing similar challenges? Try Userfeed for free ❤️

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