Enabling Nordantech to make data-informed product decisions and implement feedback-based OKRs

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About Nordantech

Userfeed customer Nordantech Dashboard

Nordantech Falcon is a tool for implementing strategy and transformation projects sustainably with intuitive planning, progress monitoring, and reporting.

  • Founded in 2016
  • Employees: 11
  • Location: Hamburg, Germany
  • With customers ranging from consultants, to mid-sized businesses, to billion-dollar corporations
  • Feedback stack: Userfeed, Intercom, Pipedrive, Google Sheets, Zapier

You can learn more about the Nordantech team as well as the features of Falcon here.

Nordantech's customer feedback challenges

Customers generally reluctant to provide feedback

The Nordantech team highly values data-driven decision making. When it came to customer feedback however, they were not getting the data they needed. A passive feedback strategy wasn’t cutting it, as customers weren’t providing unprompted feedback unprompted. To make matters worse, complicated surveys caused frustration among customers.

Forced to build features based on hunches

Without that frequent feedback from users, the team was left to make product decisions based on guesses and hunches. Rather than prioritizing work based on what their actual customers were saying about the product.

Feedback provided in several different languages

Nordantech has customers in Germany, United States, and all over the world. To properly support these customers they needed a way to organize feedback that was in several different languages.

Needing a way to make customer feedback collection a measurable goal

In spite of customers being reluctant to provide feedback; the team decided that they wanted to push through and prioritize getting more information from their customers. They needed a way to measure the effectiveness of their efforts and also track which customers were providing feedback

Untracked customer feedback from sales calls and emails

Nordantech was losing out on valuable feedback from sales calls and emails. They needed a way to automatically prompt their sales reps to record any feedback they received from customer interactions. Additionally, there had to be a place to track that feedback for review and prioritization.

How they're solving these problems with Userfeed

Userfeed provides Nordantech with a way to automatically ask their users for feedback from within the Falcon dashboard via Intercom. Userfeed also gives Nordantech's customer support reps an easy way to save feedback they're getting right where conversations are happening in the Intercom inbox.

Using Userfeed, Zapier, and Intercom to make feedback collection a measurable goal

Once a customer has submitted feedback, Userfeed tags that customer in Intercom with the feedback post. This enables Nordantech to use Zapier to associate a more general tag in Intercom with any user that has provided feedback. Allowing the team to quickly see who has provided feedback as well as segment those users for additional outreach and goal setting for OKRs.

Seamless organization of feedback in different languages

Userfeed also enabled Nordantech to group feedback together regardless of the language. Keeping everything in one place so that it's easily accessible and nothing gets lost or stale. Not only that, but Userfeed's messenger apps support several different languages and can be displayed to different customers (using display options) based on their geography.

A system for gathering feedback from the sales team

Now that Nordantech's feedback was all in one place, they needed a way to also bring together the feedback sales reps were getting through emails and phone calls. Using Zapier, they created a custom task in Pipedrive that is assigned to the sales rep after every phone call and email. The rep is prompted (and incentivized with feedback-related OKRs) to direct any feedback to a Google sheet that the product team can then triages in Userfeed.

Nordantech Userfeed Support Data Flow


Nordantech Customer Feedback

Userfeed enables Nordantech to seamlessly collect feedback from their users so that they can make better, data-driven decisions about the features they should build. Feedback collection is now a more automated, measurable process from sales & customer service, through to product & engineering.

We have a hard time getting feedback. Userfeed gives us an excellent solution to gather feedback in numerous formats in an easy way - even for people that are not used to it - and with Zapier and Intercom segment goals, it allows us to make a measurable KPI.

- Dr. Jonas Steeger, Co-founder

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