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Intercom templates: Add a button that sends Intercom apps

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Intercom has slowly been adding bot functionality that no other bot service offers. Specifically, they've integrated their bots with their robust app store. Sending Intercom apps via bots (Operator) can enable some powerful use cases and automation scenarios.

For example, clicking this image triggers a bot to view our roadmap app:

Add a button bot that sends Intercom apps like Userfeed's feedback app

Wasn't that fun?

This is a pretty simple use case but you can imagine a number of interesting flows across sales, marketing, or product. Additionally, this allows for users to somewhat opt-in. Instead of blasting users with annoying pop-up messages that may not be relevant to them in the moment, having them click a button (ie. view our roadmap) ensures they likely wanted to receive that info or action. You can see how this might be a better experience for a user than a pop-up message asking them if they want to see the latest whitepaper 😡

To get this setup, simply create a bot and add an Intercom app (like Userfeed) in the bot message:

Keep in mind, not all Intercom apps support bots. Here's a list of those that do.

Let us know what types of flows you create!

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