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Product update: Apps for Intercom Inbox and messages ๐ŸŽ‰

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Weโ€™re excited to announce two brand-new integrations with Intercom: Userfeed for Intercom Inbox, and Userfeed for Messages.

Userfeed for Intercom Inbox

How often do you reach out to a vendor about a feature request multiple times? I know I do. It seems like every time I do this, the customer success rep responds by asking me to "tell them a bit more" about my request. You know, as if I hadn't requested this feature 10 times already! Super frustrating, right? It makes you feel like they're not even listening to you.

It's unlikely that they simply ignored your feedback the first time. They probably just tracked it in some 3rd party tool that they don't have easy access to in the conversation.

To solve this problem, our new Inbox app gives you powerful context on the user in the conversation, automatically syncs feedback data between our tools, and enables you to trigger actions in Userfeed right from Intercom โ€“ all without switching tabs.ย 

Intercom Inbox apps, view user feedback activity within the context of the conversation

Additionally, if a user gives you more feedback on a feature request they've asked for in the past, or if they seem like they're getting restless about the lack of progress, you can add that feedback to the post in Userfeed without leaving Intercom:

We'll link back to that conversation in the private note

To learn more about Intercom's apps for Inbox launch, here are some links:

Send Userfeed Messenger apps in Intercom messages

Now you can send all three of our Messenger apps in Intercom messages (feedback button, roadmap button, and the feedback form). Use the power of Intercom targeting to capture feedback from the right users at the right time:

  • Share your roadmap with your users (or certain segments)
  • Solicit feedback from a specific Intercom segment of users (e.g. beta testers, VIP customers, etc.)
  • Gather feedback as part of your Intercom on-boarding campaigns

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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